VICIdial GOautodial Premium Support

Why do I need support..?? That’s a really nice question. When you are running VICIdial, your whole business is dependent on it. It will be a total mess if the phones stop ringing. Also, keeping a cloud server safe, secure and constantly monitored is something that can be done by a professional only. Any glitch and you will need an expert to fix things. A professional can guide you the best of the best configuration which suits your business for maximum productivity. having a professional by your side is always a good idea.

How do we provide support..?? Our support channel includes pretty much everything. It includes a Phone call, Skype, Whatsapp, Hangouts, Facebook messenger, text etc. We can work on more channels if you feel comfortable with them. We will send you the contact information for all those channels as soon as your signup is complete.

What is Server Level Support..?? As the name suggests, this support plan deals with the regular maintenance of your cloud server. This includes security, server monitoring, server health optimization, database maintenance and keeping a track of other technical things on your server. This level of support keeps your server up and running in a healthy way and prohibits any sudden downtimes or server crashes.

What is Configuration Level Support (Recommended)..?? It includes everything from “Server Level Support”. The Configuration level support includes on-demand configurations on your VICIdial system. It includes almost everything which comes default in VICIdial user interface. If you are not familiar with VICIdial admin interface and needs someone handy to assist you with configurations, or you have questions to be answered related to your VICIdial, or you need someone to advise you for optimized configurations time to time, go for this support plan.

The support price is per month $40. That’s highly recommended and most clients go for this.

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